Sunday, April 5, 2015

Husky Burnette, Tales From East End Blvd: Goodbye Shore Road Tavern

Husky Burnette, Tales From East End Blvd: Goodbye Shore Road Tavern

Tales From East End Blvd:
Goodbye Shore Road Tavern

What a crazy, fun and emotional weekend Ive had with friends in Philadelphia PA. We were at a bar that all of us traveling musicians know, The Shore Road Tavern in Philly. We know it, we love it and if you're like me you can get sucked in here and never want to leave. I'm still here actually. I'm on tour right now but I keep coming back here on this run, using it as a central working point since there's an apartment above the bar that they use for the bands. Plus, it's just hard to leave this time. Last Friday night, March 27th 2015, was the bar's last public show. Very bittersweet. The line-up was Paul Waggener, Joshua Morningstar, Gallows Bound, Saint Christopher and then we did our set to close out the night. It was truly an amazing time. Wait, scratch out the word amazing...let's say "fucking magical". Even that doesn't describe it all that well. The owner, Mike Fiedler, celebrated the last show (which was also his birthday) with a smile on his face all night long. I think everyone in attendance had that smile. You could just feel the positivity in the room. Mike and his crew of misfit friends are the best of the best so you can't help but to smile and be happy while you're here. Their hospitality and loyalty make this place what it is. Couldn't ask for a better group of fans, friends and family.
People drove from far and wide to show up for the goodbye. If you didn't make it to the show that night then I'd have a hard time explaining and you'd have an even harder time understanding. So I won't try to paint a picture, you can't put it into words. I'll just share my thoughts and a little info and insight instead.

The Shore Road has never been as packed as it was on Friday. When I say packed I mean it. You couldn't walk in the place. I had to order drinks from the front door. The reason there were so many folks outside was because they physically could not get in. Incredible! What a way to close that chapter. Bands that played the night before were still here and bands and/or band members that weren't even on the bill were here for the party. Then the after party at The Compound ran into the next morning. I think I left there around 8-8:30am. This party and vibe went down all weekend long as there was also a special all acoustic, invite-only, secret show on Sunday. It featured sets from myself, Leroy Virgil (Hellbound Glory), Billy Mungus, Mason Tinsley (Rickett Pass), Olds Sleeper and more, including Johnny Lawless on upright bass throughout the night. I can't tell you the last time I've had that much fun. I saw old faces and new faces alike. It really has been the highlight of 2015 for me.

As one door closes a new one opens and that's been the spirit here all weekend. No sadness by any means. Mike will be leaving his hometown of Northeast Philadelphia PA and moving to North Carolina to become an official part of the Rusty Knuckles team and family. The bands couldn't be more happy that we still get to work with Mike due to his work ethic and love and support for the music. His partner in crime, Bill Dorsey, will be his partner in Rusty Knuckles as well. Both of them are truly down for the cause and will be bringing new and fresh ideas to the record label's table.
I'm no psychic but I bet this place will go down in the history books for roots music and underground music just as CBGB and the likes went down in history for punk rock. If it doesn't, someone got it twisted! Regardless, the time spent here will go down in our personal history books for sure. No doubt about it.

With only a tiny bit of sadness today, I can say "So long, old friend" to the bar. I thought that would be harder for me to say but somehow they've made it easy cause Mike and Bill are my brothers now and I've made more lifelong friends and memories here that nobody could ever take away. Adios....on to the next chapter.

-Husky Burnette 

Sexy front end on a 1958 Pontiac Chieftan

Guns and ammo kind of Saturday, working up some custom holsters on an assignment deep in the Philly hood.

Mason from Rickett Pass laying down some acoustic tunes

Epic times on the road this weekend in Philly. From half hour long conversations with Dean Ween about fishing and his charter boat business, to @Huskyburnette and @rickettpass jamming 'til sunrise, to all of our chatter about new ventures starting up within the music label, this is what being on the road with great folks is all about.

Pat with his 1950 Chevy Deluxe hangin' at the last night of the Shore Road Tavern. For all of yall rasslin fans, Pat is also an ex pro wrestler going by the name of H.D. Ryder.

Need ideas for your next metal or hardcore album cover? Spend some quality time at the Mutter Museum of medical oddities in downtown Philly. Best selection of the macabre and almost other worldly collection on earth of human remains.

Husky Burnette, Mason of Rickett Pass and professional bull rider and tour manager Vance

Nothing but epic times can encapsulate the last shows at the Shore Road Tavern in Philadelphia. Huge thanks to all the bands that played, all the folks that showed up and to Mike Fiedler for creating a venue where a hand shake deal and your word, is truly your bond. With this type of fortitude and no bullshit attitude is why he is now joining forces with us at Rusty Knuckles. Keep it DIY, keep it legit and to hell with those that don't get it. We are here to conquer!