Tuesday, November 17, 2009

El Mirage, CA - Land Speed Racing with the Bean Bandits

What a great weekend of land speed racing out in the dusty high desert of El Mirage, California. We rolled into the desert a bit after dark on Friday night and were able to setup camp really close to the starting line. This allowed us to be close to all the action in the pits and for hanging out. Was damn cold the first night and my feet went numb even though I was still sleeping inside the caravan. First day of racing on Saturday proved to be a great day and there was even a tail wind to make the day that much better. The team consisted of Jake & Nicki Doomey, Lance Dawes, The Eagle and myself. Lance was driving all weekend and was able to post a respectable top speed of 106mph in the 1953 mainline. Track record for the production class is 130 mph so hopefully they will be able to break that record with a lot more tweaks and refinements to the car. Sunday turned out to be mostly a wash due to a headwind and it was just so damn dusty out there making for a much slower day for all racers. Have a look at all the photos on the flickr page. Now that the racing and show season is officially over its time I get started on the new Buell custom and make it ready for the first race at the Maxton Mile in Maxton, NC.

Rusty Knuckles on Flickr