Friday, November 20, 2009

The Horse Smokeout 11 - June 25-26 2010

For all the true die hard bikers out there, this event in my mind is the equivalent of Mecca. What culminates each year in our great state of North Carolina into a weekend of balls to the wall full throttle biker mayhem is the Horse Magazine's annual Smokeout. You could go as a spectator and be happy people watching or go as a bad ass drag racing mofo and put your money where your mouth is and be absolutely elated. It honestly doesn't matter. If your passion involves two wheels, a bitchin' engine and details for days, this is the event to which your year should be made around. We will have a full booth at the show along with our new parts line coming out and better yet, good chances are that our southern sleaze brothers in Crank County Daredevils will be playing the party. So there you have it, no excuse not to roll into the dirty south and get rowdy with the rest of us heathans. See you in Rockingham with the rest of the Rusty Knuckles posse.

The Horse Backstreet Choppers Magazine