Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Behind The Barbed Wire - Werewolf Special

Howdy folks! I hope everyone is getting their Halloween game plans ready to launch here in a few days and I sho nuff hope that those plans will include stopping by The THIRSTY BEAVER in Charlotte, NC for our FREE show this Friday night!!!! We will be cranking the noise at about 11pm for those who are keeping a schedule.......

Also the next night we'll be at the record store of ANTiSEEN's very own Mighty Joe Young, REPO DEPOT in Lenoir, NC. this show is also FREE but this one will begin at 8 pm!!!! If ya show up at 9 the show will be OVER jack...either by our own blitzkrieg like speed or by local law enforcement!!!!! So if ya still wanna take the lil one trickin' & treatin' there will still be plenty of time for that!!!

Well dammit, I didn't get it together enough to keep on keepin' on about those HAMMER movies like I promised ya last blog but I gotta get one more in here to ya before the holiday cuz this is THEE CREAM OF THE CROP buthuahs & sistahs...Hammer's only Werewolf tale entitled CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF!!!

1960 was the year this masterpiece was created. It stars motion picture/real life English hellraiser and real life bad ass Oliver Reed and is IMO one of the coolest Werewolf movies ever!!!! This one takes place in Spain where a lowly beggar (Richard Wordsworth) ends up at the front door of the Marques mansion on his wedding night. The beggar ask for some scraps from the table and is asked inside to become the entertainment for the Marques and his guests. After having enough of belittling the poor guy the Marques and his new bride are off to bed for some honeymoon hi-jinx and the beggar makes a snide comment that enrages the Marques and ends up getting his ass thrown in the dungeon and is eventually totally forgotten about. Fast forward about 20 years and the jailer of the dungeon gets his super fine ass, but mute, daughter to start helping out around the place by feeding the inmates and such. the jailer's daughter is played by Hammer Super Fox Yvonne Romain....MEEEEEOWWWWWW!!!!!

Yvonne Romain

Anyway, the girl goes to feed the old beggar, who by this time looks like Rip Van Winkle and is of coarse, raped by him and so on and so on which has her making a hasty escape from the mansion and the Marquis busy hands as well...oh yeah, after she kills his ass!!!!
So later the girl is found by a nice old Spanish gal and taken in to have her baby in comfort out of the elements and all. Much to everyone's dismay, the child is born on Christmas Day and THIS is bad ju ju for some damned reason. The girl dies during delivery so we don't get to see her anymore. DAMN!!!

Childhood for young Leon starts off kinda rough with his strange thirst for blood and his fascination with the moon not to mention some local livestock being mutilated by some unknown beast!!!! Fast Forward 20 more years and Leon (Oliver Reed) is off to make his way in the world....gets and apprenticeship makes some good friends but all that goes to shit pretty fast when that age old moon/ blood problem comes to call again. What ensues after this is one of horror cinemas greatest Werewolf rampages!

I wont give away the ending (like I did on some of the Dracula films Tee Hee) but i promise you...this film does not disappoint. When Reed is in his full lyncenthrope mode ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!!! Here are some great stills and some very cool promo photos for the film with Reed & Romain even though they never appeared on screen together.

OK yall......I hope each and everyone of you have a safe and Happy Halloween. If ya don't spend it with us...well...have a good un anyway!!!!! And for those of you who can't get is a little gallery of some of those HAMMER HOTTIES!!!! ENJOY..

Til next time.....