Thursday, October 21, 2010

Germs Of Perfection - A Tribute To Bad Religion

The first time I got to see Bad Religion was in September of 1993 with Green Day and Seaweed opening up at Graffiti in Pittsburgh. How I can so easily recollect that rough date is by the fact that I still have the ticket stub and that life was changin' in many ways. I had just started college and met up with a soon to be great group of friends. I was all about the hardcore and thrash metal and my buddy Todd was a punk stalwart. He introduced me to so many great new bands that I still thank him for it. Bad Religion was one of those bands in which I had always heard of them but never really checked'em out. As soon as I started listening to Against The Grain, I was absolutely hooked. Besides the killer vibe the lyrics are a powerful force and one in which each song feels like a chapter in the book. Every album has been this way and puts Bad Religion into a whole other sphere of influence.

Take for example this free sample of recordings. Each artist on here gives the song a different feel and my personal fave is William Elliot Whitmore's version of "Don't Pray On Me". Thanks to all involved for making a cool project happen. Download the songs now before they are gone.

Download the songs here