Monday, October 11, 2010

Rumble In Ramona - The Last Stand

I have yet to get my photos uploaded just yet and still whooped after a long weekend of traveling out to San Diego and helping out the west coast team of Rusty Knuckles that put on the Rumble. That being Jake Doomey and Lance Dawes, who went all out to make a amazing event, without one glitch. We were able to bring the heat from our end with Hellbound Glory headlining the event and The Green Lady Killers ripping the high desert air a new glory hole. With Matt Hensley as DJ for the event, the whole music vibe was locked down solid, as he spun classic punk tunes. Only disappointment was Duane Peters not showing up to play, but that will be for another time. Check out these photos from ESPN and some footage as well from shred or die dot com. Damn, another rumble down and more good times to be had.