Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Green Lady Killers Officially Endorse Evans, Pro-Mark, Puresound, Planet Waves and D'Addario

The Green Lady Killers are one of those bands that we knew from the minute we first heard and saw them, they had to be part of Rusty Knuckles Music. Whether it be the snarling to soothing vocals by Lady Van Buren or her insane guitar riffing, matched by CherryBomb's pounding rhythms. The dynamic duo has built a road ready machine of a band. Now that Ivy Rose has also joined the ranks and upped the ante on the bass, this is one band that is poised to dominate on the next album, that will be due out sometime later this year.

We have been workin' to pry some sort of info out of the ladies on what is the latest progress, but their lips are sealed shut and this can only mean one thing. Rehearsing and writing mode are all they are thinkin' on and that dear friends is great news for all of us. We have found out though that they will be recording the first single that will be debuting in May of 2012.

Along with the new album in the works, the ladies have been busy as all hell with new sponsorship deals flying in. Getting endorsement deals, when it comes to gear for a hard working band, is one of the best things next to high paying gigs and huge album sales. Ever added up all the time and effort spent on perfecting your rig set up and then constantly fixing it on the road or burning through strings and drum sticks? It takes a toll and knowing that great sponsors are behind ya is proof that you are headin' in the right direction.

The Green Lady Killers have secured prominent new endorsements from Evans, Pro-Mark, Puresound, Planet Waves and D'Addario products along with their other core sponsors in Gretsch and Fender. Be on the lookout for all sorts of interesting news and updates on these lethal femme fatales as the end of 2012 is going to be quite exciting for them.

The Green Lady Killers photo by Lance Dawes © 2011

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Green Lady Killers - Gear Endorsements

The Green Lady Killers are officially endorsed by Pro-Mark, Gretsch, D'Addario, Fender, Planet Waves and Evans Drumheads

The Green Lady Killers will be at Drunk & Disorderly Bowling on 5.9.12