Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Vintage Torque Fest - May 4th and 5th

For years we have heard about Vintage Torque Fest and it is on our list of shows to get out to. With some of these great posters, video footage and event details we know its going to be a damn great time and our excuses just don't seem to add up, haha!

Torque Fest 2012 - May 4th & 5th, Maqoketa Iowa
Torque Fest 2012 - May 4th & 5th, Maqoketa Iowa

Event Details:

Schedule Torque Fest
Please keep in mind all times, will be approximate - not exact.

Thursday - Vendor and Indoor Set Up 9am to 9pm
Thursday Night - Coronados CC Main Street Cruise In - Open to ALL cars!
Friday 8am to 11:30am - Vendor and Indoor Set Up - Don't be late!

Friday NOON - OPEN TO THE PUBLIC - Campers, Hot Rods & Kustoms, art show, model car
contest can set up. Cars can get in and park on the West side of the Fairgrounds - the East
side will be reserved for the racing vehicles/trailers that will arrive during the day.

Friday 3PM - Cruise to Bluff Lake/Maquoketa Caves - meet at Vendor Building #2 to receive
route info.  This is open to ALL classic cars and motorcycles.

Friday Evening - BANDS and  some dirt track action - Midwest Jalopies will be arriving around
4pm to start hitting the track and give us all something to remember!

Friday Night - Bands Start 5:00 PM
5:30 PM The Dyes on Stage I
6 PM -  Mean Mother on Stage II
6 PM Midwest Jalopies Exhibition / Hot Laps
7:30 - If the dirt is not too bad after Midwest Jalopies, Flat Track MN will have vintage
motorcycle exhibition on the track.
7:30 PM-Cat Club  - real Rockabilly from Spain! on Stage I
8:30 PM  Bus Races!
9:00 PM - Koffin Kats on Stage I
9:00 PM - Buildings shut down - Overnight security will be on site.
9:45 PM - Big Iron on Stage II
10:00 PM - Voodoo Kings Ring of Fire
10:30 PM - The Reckless Ones on Stage I

Saturday 6AM  Model Car Show Set Up/ Indoor Customs that had to be driven/Swap Meet Set Up

8:00 AM PRE - Registered Cars are allowed to park inside the fairgrounds.
9:00 AM Participating Cars Allowed in to Park

9:00 AM Open to Public
Classic Cars will park in designated area
Spectator parking will be in its designated area as well.

11:00 AM Flat Track MN will kick off the day with vintage motorcycle exhibition.
11:00 AM The Surf Zombies on Stage I

11:30 AM Mandatory Driver Meeting - if you want to hit the dirt track
- you gotta be at the meeting.  To be held at gate where cars enter to get on the dirt track.

NOON Cars allowed to start dirt laps. Maximum 3 laps per car.  Cars will be assigned numbers
and this will determine your place in line.  Your number is based on volunteer status, pre
registrations, and then first come first serve. (Another reason to pre reg)  If you miss your
turn, you gotta wait til the end of the day.  Cars will be staged in 20 car increments.  If you
are car number 133 you will have to wait until the #120-140 are called.  Obviously not
everyone will want to run their cars on the track, but if there are 12 cars out of 20 that want
to run, then we have to wait for those 12 to get done before we call up the NEXT 20 cars.
So it will go from #1-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80 etc.  Cars can get back in line to run again and
again and again - but we gotta be good kiddies and take turns!

12:00 PM - Red Desert on Stage II
1PM Miss (or Mrs) Torque Thrust
Pin Up Contest will be held inside Building 1
1:30 PM - Lucky Tubb on Stage I
2 PM Auction for
www.helpinghannahsheart.org  ALL TRACK ACTION WILL STOP AROUND
2 pm for 30 minutes while this auction is done.
2:30 PM Daikaiju on Stage II
3:00 PM Davy Jay Sparrow on Stage I
3:45 PM - Federation of Horsepower on Stage II

4:45 PM
Car Clubs from around the country will present their picks for what THEY liked best.  Held inside
Building #1 where auction takes place.  Vintage Torque Fest does NOT give out trophies. If your car club
or motorcycle club would like to present a trophy or an award - be sure to make it here at 4:44 pm!

5:15 PM - Western Starlanders on Stage I
6:00 PM - Buildings shut down - Vendors clean up.
7:30 PM - Al & The Black Cats on Stage I
9 PM PM -
Jane Rose and the Deadend Boys on Stage I

Check out more photos from last years event 

clean chops at Vintage Torque Fest 2011
2011 Posters from Vintage Torque Fest
Circle Track racing at Vintage Torque Fest 2011
Customs in the vendor area at Torquefest
The Lockheed Lakester belly tanker
1970 Triumph Tiger 650 custom by Depot Customs
Skeleton skiing down a mountain, motorcycle tank paint job
super clean Ford Coupe
Chevrolet 5 Window 3100, clean and perfect