Monday, April 23, 2012

Ronnie Hymes And Carolina Freight - Just A Workin Man' - Album Sneak Peek

After settling in with Ronnie Hymes & Carolina Freight's latest tracks being recorded for the new album, I kept thinking on some interesting and different ways that we could start putting the word out on this great album. Going through our distributors, Itunes, Amazon, etc. is great, but its rather soul less. Don't get me wrong they are great ways to find new music, but we wanted something more and for it to be unique. Those are two things which drive us day to day.

The whole idea for the sign was hatched after hearing the banjo tracks and thinking on stop motion films. I knew there was a refined approach that we could use to leverage the two together. With a plan hatched, now I just had to convince ol' Ronnie Hymes what was possible. After a quick sketch and looking for scrap wood, we settled on a stack of old tongue and groove boards we found over at Habitat for Humanity. For under $200 worth of supplies including scrap wood, about nine or so new 2 x 4's, bolts, nuts, washers and fresh paint, we created the sign for the new album cover. This is just stage one of the album cover, part two will be revealed in a few weeks once we get the finishing touches all done.

So without further ado, have a listen and a view of the brand new track by Ronnie Hymes & Carolina Freight, due out later this summer.

Also, huge thank you to Ronnie, Yvonne, Buck and Frank for helping to contribute to such a huge project. Without their help none of this would have been possible.

Ronnie putting the custom box shapes for the sign into the tour van
The layout of the huge billboard we were about to paint for the album sign
Each box breaks down for easy storage and setup
Scrap wood purchased from Habit For Humanity
Scrap wood purchased from Habit For Humanity
Sign put into place for painting
Painting the huge 12ft x 12ft album sign, fuck photoshop, get back to basics!
Mikey and Ronnie watching me paint all afternoon, lazy bums, hahaha!
Finishing up all the details on the lettering
Almost done at sunset, in total, took about 8 hours to paint the full sign