Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Antiseen Dixie Dynamite Tour 2013

Antiseen recently completed their quick lap through the south east on tour with Hellstomper. Check out some of the damage from these flicks and even more on the Antiseen facebook page.

Antiseen inspired tattoo - Death Train Coming
Jeff Clayton of Antiseen commanding the stage
Mike Williams of EyeHateGod presenting his version of Eat More Possum
Bloody forehead and sing along choruses, this is how every Antiseen show goes down!
Attacking the washboard, the one and only Jeff Clayton
Barry Hannibal laying down the groove to ruin your good time
Mike Williams of EyeHateGod and Jeff Clayton of Antiseen
Clint of the Flat Tires, Hellstomper and Jeff Clayton of Antiseen