Tuesday, May 21, 2013

OkCupid Deemed That Juggalos Also Need Love

Truth is far above and beyond stranger than fiction. When it comes to clown makeup, Faygo soda and rhyming about the magic surrounding magnets, the Juggalo's are in a league all their own. I have always been a fan of black metal, not so much for the love of a dark lord, but the music pushes boundaries sonically and psychologically. Black metal is the equal and or opposite of all that is supposedly good and moral. But where does that leave a group such as the Juggalos in the bigger picture, who just so happen to also paint their faces in a similar manner? Are they the hip hop spawn of black metal or just lost souls, who hide their need to be loved behind face paint? Well folks, OkCupid is here to help. Have a glance through some amazing profile pictures. Send positive vibes out to these juggalo's and juggalettes that just wanna be inspired by amazing things such as magnets.

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