Friday, May 17, 2013

HARD SOIL - The Muddy Roots of American Music, Needs Your Help

There are some great things afoot in the world of Roots, Americana, Folk and Country music. Not only is there an amazing amount of energy being poured into a new foundation of where this ensemble is moving, but the folks who are a part of it, are here for the long haul. 

Dig into the trailer and write up below as this project needs some sponsorship dollars behind it to grease the wheels and get the movie into full production.

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"Nowhere is America’s cultural evolution and diversity as palpable as in the music of the people – folk music or alternately roots music.

Both terms are collective terms encompassing and compiling a variety of musical styles from Bluegrass, to Blues, from Country to Cajun and from Zydeco to Gospel.

In short:

American music has always been a wild cocktail of varied musical heritages and influences.
Over the years the roots of American music would evolve into Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rockabilly, R&B, Soul, Jazz and even Punk and such diverse sub genres as Psychobilly, Blues Punk, Blues Trash, Cowpunk and primitive Rock ‘n’ Roll to mention only a few.

In spite of the music business’ efforts of musical segregation and streamlining especially country music but also the blues since the early 1920’s a die-hard subculture emerged over the years dedicated to preserving a rawer, more authentic sound and conserving the music’s wild archaic beauty and its themes of love and loss, dreams and hardship, life and death.

However the aim has not been to simply preserve the past.

To the contrary:

The evolution is ongoing and today the roots of American music while cherished and respected are being infused with the sounds of the 21st century keeping the evolution of American Roots music an ongoing one and one that is not only heard in the land of Lincoln but across the globe.

To many it has not only become the soundtrack to their lives - it has become a way of life…"

Poster for the film, Hardsoil, being developed by the folks behind Muddy Roots and Slowboat Films