Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Brand New Carolina Still Tshirt - Runnin' Moonshine

Somedays there is nothing better than letting a pencil and sharpie work their way out of my system. For the longest time I worked on "art" that was perfect. When I say perfect, what I really means was that I was all about trying to achieve the perfect human form and line work within my illustrations. The biggest thing it did was to kill any fun I was having while drawing.

Spend a long time drawing hands, faces or body gestures and you either get really good at it and can do it in your sleep or you just get burnt out on it. As of late, these looser illustrations have been a lot more fun and I can knock them out in a few hours. Really enjoyed this one as the car is one that my buddy Mopar Rob just got back on the road and it's also for the fellas in Carolina Still.

Process drawing as a photo on instagram.com/rustyknuckles
Final illustration and rendering for Carolina Still's new hot rod tshirt - Runnin' Moonshine