Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wheelin' Towards Willie Tour Part 1 - Chattanooga, TN

Yesterday we embarked upon the Wheelin' Towards Willie Tour. The entire goal was to set up key interviews that we need to help capture who is Billy Don Burns as an artist and individual, on the new documentary film in production. Billy Don is a prolific songwriter and a stand up dude, that has been working for four decades now. People love his music far and wide, yet on a larger scale he is still relatively unknown. 

Throughout tour stops we will be speaking with a variety of folks, such as today with Roger Alan Wade. JB Beverley and Jake Cox are doing nightly gigs to cover gas and travel costs, so come on out to shows and link up with us. Some of the highlights include hanging with the Mayor of Chattanooga, Husky Burnette, interviewing and meeting Roger Alan Wade, along with a 3 am ghost tour or drunken waltz through the Hales Bar Dam that is featured in numerous ghost hunting shows.

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Quote of the day part 1:
Roger Alan Wade - "Honesty trumps everything when it comes to songwriting."

Jeremy, JB Beverley and Shannon
JB Beverley and Jake Cox joining Husky Burnette on stage
Jake Cox hopping up on harmonica with Husky Burnette
Ol' Jeremy saying the hell with the bathroom I am giving the catfish something new to drink
Husky Burnette is channeling some Jeff Healy and Voodoo all at once for guitar magic
Late night 3am ghost tour of the infamous Hales Bar Dam, famous from ghost hunting shows
We set up a chair and doll in the middle of one of the tunnels
Interviewing Roger Alan Wade for the Billy Don Burns documentary
On site for the interview with Husky Burnette, Roger Alan Wade, JB Beverley and Jake Cox
Double Your Meat!
JB Beverley explaining the virtues of Coors Light