Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wheelin' Towards Willie Part 2 - Clarksville, TN

One of the coolest things about traveling is finding random slices of life and meeting new folks on the road. We headed out of Chattanooga around 5pm as Husky Burnette had to boogie to a local acoustic show. After backing up the film footage and rolling through the hills and river valleys, Clarksville, Tennessee was beckoning us. The ride north by north west on 24 is an easy haul with some beautiful pasture land to cruise through. Rolling to the gig right around sunset with a thunderstorm upon us was a great site to see. Thankfully the last minute show at the Poorman's Country Club put on by Angie Clark turned out to be an amazing night. Jake, JB and I cannot thank her enough for the hospitality and good times, that lasted til' sunrise.

Quote of the day:
"Damn it Clarksville, y'all are conspiring to fuck us up bad..." JB Beverley

This is relating to the first bar we have been to where its BYOL, hahaha.

Long nights and early sunrises in Clarksville, TN
Maybe a new website should be started, People of Waffle House
Jake is eyeing up our new favorite mixed drink Jim Williams
This here hotel room is protected by .40 cal's and cold beer
Beauty is where you find it
JB Beverley, local dude in Clarksville and Jake Cox after the show
Kara Clark joined in on the jam session
Jake Cox and JB Beverley getting into the groove
Rollin' through Nasvhille on the road
Gotta love random graffiti in bathrooms
Honey, I have a new love and her name is Yella!