Monday, July 1, 2013

Wheelin' To Willie Part 3 - Nashville, TN

As cheesy as Nashville can be with the over produced and abundance of pseudo country, that is constantly being pushed out from here, pockets of greatness exist. One of those great elements can be attributed to Layla's. The music venue is more than just a bar or club on lower Broadway housing bands nightly, but its a refuge from all the slick looking bars that want to pump as much pop country into our over saturated ears as possible. Great venues such as this need to be talked about and constantly be gigged by the Americana and Real Country acts that play there as much as possible. Layla's is definitely the punkest venue on lower Broadway and one in which we proudly support.

The turnout last night was damn great and sing alongs were as common as the PBR being drunk by the case. If you are in Nashville tonite do yourself a favor and get out to Layla's from 8 to Midnight as JB Beverley and Jake Cox will be taking the stage once again along with a plethora of special guests. Also huge thanks to Kevin and Lisa for letting us crash with them in east Nashville, damn good people!

Painting on the wall in Layla's on lower Broadway in Nashville, TN
Great art adorns the walls at Layla's

Jake Cox ending the night with some dirty blues and his deep mountain baritone

All night long a bevvy of musicians joined the mix on stage
Mr. Jones, Kevin on drums, Kara Clark and JB Beverley bringing it home
Kevin is one damn great drummer and kept the back beat rolling all night.
JB Beverley and Jake Cox outside of Layla's in Nashville.
Gotta love tube frame Buells, especially this Lightning model.
The fellas warming up for tonites session at Kevin's house in east Nashville.
Jake Cox and JB Beverley testing out some gear on the acoustic stage at Sam Ash music