Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Buckeye Bash 2013 - Motorcycles, Bad Tattoos and Beers

Huge thanks to all who were part of the Buckeye Bash Run. Jack, Sue, Tyke, Brad, Kim and the Cline family really went out of their way for all of us and made the trip damn great. Also thanks to Fred Workman and Tom Reiser for letting us peruse their shops and delighting us with some great stories. Wrench's like these are getting more rare to come by and their hospitality was amazing. Justin from Fifth On The Floor rolled down to Tootle's in Circleville for a one off show and it was much appreciated. To all the fellas on the run and the good times that were had, can't wait to see yall on the Run What Ya Brung in the fall.

Music by Crank County Daredevil, in the video.