Monday, July 22, 2013

Moonrunners 2014 Music Festival Lineup Announced

"Why, yes, we are only three months out of our inaugural festival, but, if you recall, the end of July 2012 was the exact time we announced the lineup for the 2013 Festivities. We prefer to announce it early as possible, for the fact that many of the fans will be traveling from out of state, and will need to make flight and hotel reservations. Plus, we are a bit excited!

Because the first Festival was so amazing and well attended, we here at MoonRunners decided to expand the festival to two days in 2014.

It will once again take place at the VERY intimate and great venue, Reggie's in Chicago, IL. We recieved a few offers from larger venues in the area, but the hospitality and kindness that Reggie's showed us this year made it an obvious choice for 2014. Everything went so well. Every member on the Reggie's staff was top notch and made sure that everyone had a great experience.

MoonRunners Music Festival II will take place over two nights, on April 25th and 26th, 2014. Tickets will be $80 for a two day pass. That is a steal if you know the size of the venue, and take into consideration this years lineup. We will have hotel options once again, and tickets will go on sale on November 1st through

Again, 2014 will sell out QUICK! This year, many folks were left out and traveled many miles in hopes of getting a ticket outside the door. It did not work! Get your tickets ASAP. So, with no further delay.... Here is the INITIAL lineup for MoonRunners Music Festival 2014.... One more headliner will be announced before tickets go on sale!

We are so proud to bring a country music legend, and original Outlaw to MoonRunners Music Festival 2014, as the headlining act will be....."