Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stevie Tombstone And Billy Joe Shaver

Stevie Tombstone and Billy Joe Shaver
"Words of wisdom from the original Honky Tonk Hero: I had the honor and chance to work with Mr. Shaver last winter and we had a few hours before show time to catch up and compare notes on mutual friends and talk about life in general. When the subject of my current situation and the music business came up he laid a few pearls of wisdom on me, I’m glad he drove the point home. Billy Joe said "the record label works for you , you don’t work for them son and don’t ever forget it”. These words never rang truer, in the age of DIY labels and the fall of the majors, its still a “tough row to hoe" finding your way through the gauntlet of bottom feeders and folks willing to throw you under the bus. You can spend a whole life trying to please folks who’ll never love you. Now there are a lot of great indie labels out there and promoters who put blood sweat and tears into the acts and never make a dime. My hat is off to them and I can see the tide is turning, until then we may only rely on our loyal fan bases and ourselves. Do yourself a favor and support independent artists and respect those who paved the way for us. We are part of what makes our culture unique and so are the fans, grassroots labels and artists." - Stevie Tombstone

Do yourself a favor and keep up with Stevie's Tumblr page, as he is one stand up dude. Proud to call him my friend!