Monday, July 15, 2013

Antiseen Review From New Noise Magazine

If you enjoy the new split 7" from Antiseen and Nunslaughter, check out our previous Antiseen releases. Go to Antiseen's store page within Rusty Knuckles to pick up a few of their other albums.

Split 7" vinyl record with Antiseen and Flat Tires
Antiseen 7" vinyl record featuring Joe Buck
Antiseen - Falls Count Anywhere - A collection of Wrestling Songs
Split 7”
(Hells Headbangers)

"This is a great split! Lots of fun. Oh and it’s red. Artwork is unique and fitting while the inlays are bold and rewarding. These two bands have been doing their respective forms of music for decades and still crush. The record supplies two exclusive tracks from each band.

Nun-Slaughter delivers two tight tunes of blasphemous metal. Fast, dirty, thrashy riffs with time changes that will get any authentic rebel to sing along with audible lyrics loaded with caustic disposals of Christianity. This is punk influenced lo-fi metal that slays all non-believers.

Anti-Seen have been doing this longer than your parents have been shopping at Hot Topic. Repping the Confederacy of Scum, Anti-Seen are not here to be your friend. They kick down the door with two low tuned, thick as tangled fur riffs played punk as hell. If White Zombie had talent and did some Wretched Ones covers, you might get the hint. Some Hank I, Hank III, Nashville Pussy and Forced Reality end up here in a blender of nihilism and debauchery. The nod to Reagan throws me off but not really. Great songs. Crack a can of cheap American Pilsner and strap your boots on.

FFO: Midnight, Voivod, Vio-lence, Hirax, Infest, Despise You, Poison Idea, Limecell, GG Allin." (Hutch)

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Antiseen split 7" review featured on New Noise Magazine