Friday, July 12, 2013

Rusty Knuckles Custom Leather Guitar Straps

Several of the bands that we are lucky to work, have asked for us to come up with new products, that they can use on a regular basis. One project that has constantly been on the back of the mind is a line of guitar straps. These guitar straps are made out of 7 oz. leather that is tanned and softened to be an easy strap to wear for hours upon end. Each strap has screw holes cut out for a variety of mounting options. A slit could be cut into the leather to accommodate for acoustic guitars and larger grommets or for electric with a single screw for the heavier guitar body. The guitar strap is 2.5" inches wide in the main section and has a plethora of adjustment holes to be able to use at whatever length is comfortable.

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New belt loops in ox blood colored leather with brass and copper hardware
Our belt loops are fully adjustable and cut down by hand to insure a proper fit and finish
We use chicago style screw posts for easy adjustment and a solid fit.
Detail on the ox blood leather guitar straps
Hand riveted and stamped custom guitar strap from Rusty Knuckles Customs
Detail on the hand riveting finish
Our new black leather guitar straps
Soft 7 oz. black leather ready for your guitar
Chestnut brown soft 7 oz leather ready to strap on your guitar
Our signature style of new guitar straps
New batch of guitar straps just finished up and ready to ship