Monday, December 23, 2013

5 Questions With Yattie Westfield, Husky Burnette's Amazing New Drummer

Yattie Westfield is now drumming with Husky Burnette - Photo by Eddie Hade

1. How long have you been playing drums professionally?


2. Husky mentioned you played drums for Col. Bruce Hampton and Derek Trucks early on. Who else have you played with and what kind of impact did that have on your career?  

Well I played with Bruce and Danny Matrazoo for a few shows when he named the group after a bad baseball team and he kept saying Dr. Dan was from Fiji thus the "Fiji Mariners". Bruce had me play the hi hat snare and! Derek joined us I. Chattanooga I think he was 13!

I'd have to say Oteil Burbridge huge influence on my playing early on.I was a kid jamming with him and jimmy herring when they were around. I learned a lot from them and count Mbutu Oteil's Rhythm and Grooves sent me on a journey. Really all of those guys from A.R.U. and Derek.

3. Did you have an interest in playing blues before hooking up with Husky? If so, who are some of your influences?

My great grandma told me she stalked B.B. King lol yes I loved blues since I was a kid. B.B King, Muddy Waters, R.L. Burnside, John Lee hooker. Lately I've been digging Gary Clark Jr.

4. Playing drums and guitar at the same time is quite the talent. When and how did you start doing this?

This started when I was 18  in my practice warehouse with my cousin flip who was a rapper id do that and he would flow over it.not something I thought much about until I did it in front of a crowd and they went crazy! We never had a guitar player so I tried to do both. lol

5. We're excited to see you working with Husky and think you're a great addition to his band. What do you think the future holds for you guys together?

Man me and Husky are like butter and bread... You can do a lot with that! The future better do dome push ups cause we gonna be a lot to hold! Lol