Sunday, December 1, 2013

Creating Patterns In A Blade, An Intro Into Damascus Steel and It's History

Manuel Quiroga making a special pattern in folded Damascus steel
Seeing is believing. Case in point, have a look at the knife detail below. The folds and patterns in the steel are created from a well thought out and engineered process to create a hardened metal that is known as Damascus Steel. The process originates from Middle Eastern swordmaking and the steel itself is known as wootz, emanating from India around 300 BC.

The distinctive patterns are a result of the forge welding and layering of the steel as it is continually compressed pushing out impurities. Damascus Steel was once considered a lost art in swordmaking but has been rekindled as of late and potentially very close to its original origins. Check out a few great links below to help with a plethora more info on all things metalurgy in knife making. The second link plumbs the depths to fully understand the science behind the metal for those of you enjoy drilling down into the periodic table.

How to create patterns in blade steel

In depth discussion on Damascus Steel and why impurities enhanced the steel

Amazing pattern created within the folding and forge welding of the steel through a specific build process