Monday, December 16, 2013

Gettin' Clucky In Kentucky, On The Road With Carolina Still

Carolina Still warming up during sound check at Buster's in Lexington, KY
A great thing is going down in this whole underground alt country music scene right now. The bands that are out there working their asses off are starting to get the recognition they deserve via relentless touring and creating great music. These days, you have to fire on all cylinders in order to compete, with so much competition and other genres of music garnering for attention. 

Huge thanks to Justin Wells of Fifth On The Floor for calling Carolina Still and putting them on the big showcase holiday party they put on at Buster's in Lexington, KY along with Jayke Orvis and The Dirt Daubers. Could easily wax poetic and talk on all the good times that were had and great conversations that carried throughout the night, but photos can paint a better picture. Really stoked to see a solid plan coming together and all four bands were on their A game for the whole show. Hopefully more events like this will go down in the near future.

Packed house made it an amazing time at Buster's in Lexington, KY
Carolina Still brought the heat to Kentucky
Rollin' through Charleston, WV in some nasty weather

Slick roads up in the hills of West Virginia and Virginia made Old Time Fiddler hit the bottle
Fifth On The Floor warming up at band rehearsal on stage at Buster's in Lexington, KY
Always read the writing on walls in your local club's bathroom

Always dig seeing what bands toured through a club

Ohio has a Posse and it comes in the form of Stoney, Tyke and Pizza Dave along with myself

Fifth On the Floor brought on an amazing show and can't thank them enough for inviting Carolina Still to join the party

Good times at Buster's in Lexington, KY

Jayke Orvis and Justin Casey of Carolina Still joins Justin Wells of Fifth On the Floor

Backstage after a few rounds of drinks with Lauren and Parsons of Fifth On The Floor
Show flyer for Fifth On The Floor, The Dirt Daubers, Jayke Orvis and Carolina Still