Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dedication To Your Craft Helps To Grow Your Reputation

Adam from England enjoying one of our "Buckstache" Banjo Straps

Dedication to your craft is the only way to live. This is why putting all the extra effort into our work makes it worthwhile, especially when we get a note such as the one below. Thanks to Adam and the multitude of folks that have purchased quality guitar and banjo straps from us. We aim to create a product that you can pass on for multiple generations.

"Dear Ralph \ Banjo Buck,

Many thanks for
the personal note accompanying my recent 'Buckstache' banjo strap. The strap is fantastic, I'm delighted with how perfectly it matches the color and style of my Epiphone - both were a really special 30th birthday gift from my brother. Been playing keyboards for 20 years or so but banjo only a few months so a great present enhanced by a great strap.

I wish you the best of luck selling more Buckstaches to Europe, i'll be recommending you to my fellow pickers here in Nottingham.

Cheers guys,"