Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thank You Ohio For Good Friends And Motorcycles

Oh Panhead, let me rescue you back to North Carolina
Weekends come and go like the sun sets each day and brings about the change of light to dark. But every now and then you get to have a weekend where it seems to shine in perpetuity. While up in Columbus, Ohio last Friday through Sunday we worked on a quick little documentary about Fred Workman of the Big Bike Shop and talked on quite a few of his incredible builds. Hopefully we will be able to launch that video project in the coming weeks.

If there is one bike shop to obtain all the information you need to know about how to work on any Harley of any make or to find that rare Knucklehead gasket, the Big Bike Shop is the answer. Fred is as humble as they come and seeing him smile while talking on his projects is truly a rare find. I feel honored to have spent a few hours hanging out at the shop and getting a few of his stories on film. Also big thanks to the entire Ohio Posse for always making a good time even better. Muchos Gracias to Tyke, Brad and Sherwood for being hombres.

Can't wait to be back in a few months to run the Ohio Mile

Fred Workman talking to one of his customers at the Big Bike Shop in Columbus, OH
Me, Tyke and Fred Workman talking on a few builds
Getting my first taste of a Little King in Brad's 55 Chevy

Fred explaining his dirt drag build

Fred Workman and one of his over long front ends

Need a primary cover

Brad working on the front headlight of his FLH Shovelhead

Good time wtih the fellas in Ohio

Tyke and I out checking the local scenery
A bit of oil blow by on the ol' Panhead

Bin of old carbs