Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Building A Custom Gravity Racer For Charity From An Old Go Kart And Two BMX Bikes

Taking a stock go kart frame and mixing it with two bmx bikes for the perfect gravity racer

There is many a night when the list of projects outweighs the amount of time that we have in any given day. A solid time management plan is consistently put into place and checked, re-checked and fiddled with more times than we know what to do with ourselves. Sometimes a few projects have to be deferred as others pop up with crazy deadlines.

Right in the middle of getting all prepped and ready for Muddy Roots, we got sequestered to build a custom gravity kart racer for a local charity event. It seemed like such a fun project so we had to dive in head first and come up with a sure fire plan. Instead of giving too much away, just keep checking back for more photos as they appear. We can honestly say, this is going to be one of the most fun challenges that we have had in quite a while. Stay Tuned!

Another view of the custom push cart being built from one go kart frame and two bmx bikes