Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The American Craftsman With Jesse James, Is Exactly What We Need On TV

Hopefully Jesse James can get his new tv series launched about the American Craftsman

The American Craftsman, brought to you by Jesse James is exactly what we need on TV. The older I get, the less and less shows I find any interest in watching unless there is something I can glean from them regarding a new skill set or knowledge about an area of interest that I have. The further we move forward as a culture, it seems the less and less we have of folks actually understanding how to use their hands as a valuable tool. This to me is a sad facet of how computers and the internet are supposed to make life easier. In all reality they are robbing all of us what is intrinsically part of our nature. We were born from evolution of exploring and being tactile in our approach to the world around us. Getting back to basics is more than just a mantra, it needs to become a way of life akin to the way exercising is great for the body and soul. Working with your hands, intellect and perfecting your craft is a life long journey.

Jesse James American Craftsman TV Series (Minute Intro) from Jesse James on Vimeo.