Sunday, August 24, 2014

Reno Divorce Featured In Never Summer Movie - Dang Bud!

Reno Divorce Featured In Never Summer Movie - Dang Bud!
Always stoked to see the great bands we work with get huge features. Check out this cool video from the snowboard company Never Summer, featuring the one and only Reno Divorce.

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"We're back again with the best one yet. 0 attitude, high altitude, 100% stoke. Featuring homegrown local music. World Premiere, 'Snowboard on the Block', 9/13/14.

Thanks to SCS Unlimited, Cheetah Factory Racing, Ole Smoky, Monster Energy, Five R Trucks

Featuring Brock Butterfield, Nick Larson, Jacob Carey, Andrew Buergin, Austin Gibney, Byron Bagwell, Mike Hood, Ryan Stephens, Taylor Pfaff, Sean Fithian, Charlie Hoch, Brady Farr, Rajat Bhayani, Jason Elms, Darrell Miller, Casey Lucas, Mary Boddington, Bill Rodriguez, Jason Hindman, Chris Corning, Justin Henigin, Tom Flocco"

Introducing...'Dang Bud!' from Never Summer Industries on Vimeo.