Monday, March 9, 2015

Rory Kelly Debuts New Video, Sunshine

Rory Kelly Debuts New Video, Sunshine
Work ethic and drive are two elements that anyone and everyone needs to live by when it comes to perfecting their craft. Sitting on the sidelines or on social media accounts all day and waxing poetic doesn't get the job done or really say much in the big picture. It might help to keep an audience interested, but we are talking about music and it's all about the song, the attitude and a clear direction of purpose.

Certain musicians tend to be much more prolific than others and have a singular focus in their approach. Rory Kelly is that type of musician. Whether it be his tour schedule last year, which closed in on almost to 200 live shows, including hot laps around the country and over to Europe. His true focus is upon elevating the songwriting and the energetic live show, for which he, Billy and Pops are known to deliver. 

In the video and song for Sunshine, Rory adds a new spin to a heart felt classic, which then feels like an entirely new composition. This song has a deep meaning to him personally, as music is his lifeblood and is his pure sunshine. After seeing him shed blood, sweat and pure emotion, from good shows to bad and never breaking stride, these personal characteristics make him a resolute figure and one that will break through to the next level. Damn proud to have Rory Kelly, Billy Miller and Pops Kelly as part of our team.

You will be able to catch a lot more of Rory's live show this spring on shows with Josh Morningstar and Motobunny.