Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mason of Rickett Pass and Buck Thrailkill Jam On Nechville Banjos

Mason of Rickett Pass and Buck Thrailkill Jam On Nechville Banjos

Words below, From Mason Tinsley of Rickett Pass regarding a special gift to him from a friend and the folks at Nechville Banjos

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"Last spring at the Muddy Roots Spring Weekender I met Buck Thrailkill and instantly hit it off. Talking trash about banjo picking and taking cracks at how old he is. ( He is pretty old ) I knew he worked with Rusty Knuckles, but really knew him as a banjo master even though he will deny it. He introduced me to his good friend Steve Longan. Talk about a clown and talk about an instant friendship. All three of us had very similar jobs In the Army which is a bond only few can understand.

In the weeks leading up to the Muddy Roots Music festival I had challenged Buck into joining me in a banjo battle during our set. At the late night jam sessions we had to practice for the set at the Rusty Knuckles camp. We drank moonshine traded stories and got to know the entire Knuckles family. Talking trash and indulging a little to much I was introduced to Ralph and his wife. Not knowing that this particular friendship would grow as well.

I was playing an old wore out banjo with over 3000 shows on it and needed at least 20 minutes of tinkering just to use it for a show. Low and behold Steve went behind everyone's back and got me an amazing Nechville banjo. Nechville added a few amazing upgrades as a thank you for my service. It was an amazing gift from one decorated veteran to another and there aren't enough words to thank Steve for this amazing gift."