Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Motobunny Feature Review In The Lincoln Star Journal

Motobunny Feature Review In The Lincoln Star Journal

"From the first note of “The Other Side” on its self-titled debut, Motobunny comes on with hooky rock ‘n’ roll and keeps its garagey, glam-tinged sound going through the final ring out of “I Warned You."

Motobunny’s the result of a post-Iggy Pop concert union of Christa Collins, who’s played and recorded with, among others, Michael Jackson, Little Richard and Sky Saxon of the Seeds fame, and who fronts the Woolly Bandits, and Nicole Laurenne, a child classical pianist and lead singer of the Love Me Nots.

That gives the sound some very cool dueling lead vocals and girl harmonies that go up against the blazing, buzzing guitar of Michael Johnny Walker in the Jim Diamond-recorded catchy mix that includes the bouncy pop of “Let’s Go Out,” the driving “Red Rover,” the slinky title cut and the shaking “Apocalypse Twist” -- to name just four of “Motobunny's” fine, rock n’ roll numbers. Grade: A-"

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