Saturday, May 2, 2015

Motobunny Debuts New Track On Alternative Press

Motobunny Debuts New Track On Alternative Press
Los Angeles rockers MotoBunny are teaming up with AP to bring you their new music video for “Let’s Go Out.” The track is taken from the band’s latest self-titled album, which is out now. (Get it here.)

The band tell the story of the video:
“This video was shot full guerilla film style, one night in and around Hollywood, C.A. Our director, Matt Eskew, mounted a camera on his vintage Lincoln. Nicole and Christa then hit the road, but after a few minutes of shooting, the police pulled them over. When the cop realized they were shooting a music video, he let them go. In one shot, you can actually see the lights from the police car. What's this? A giant hand at a carwash?! Of course the Moto ladies had to climb all over it—what a lucky hand. About an hour before the shoot, Christa stitched up a bunny suit for Michael, who threw on some cheap sunglasses and took to Melrose Avenue with Rik and a couple guitars for a little busking action. Then they were off to the arcade on Vermont Avenue for a game of Guitar Hero. Families kept coming up and asking to take pictures with the bunny. You can actually see security kicking Rik and the bunny out. Eventually we all made our way up to Capitol Records, with the bunny banging on the front doors at nearly 2AM. Security wasn't having anything to do with Motobunny though… your loss, Capitol Records!”

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