Saturday, June 20, 2015

Building A Guitar Strap and Belt Rack From Scrap Metal And Reclaimed Wood

Building A Guitar Strap and Belt Rack From Scrap Metal And Reclaimed Wood

If you are going to be doing any type of trade shows or events for your company, having a unique look to your display is paramount. I learned early on that having a folding table with a drape cloth can work well, but it just didn't convey the message that I wanted to stand behind. 

We spend a great deal of time crafting great merchandise and working with many bands on truly unique items, so for our booth at events we want to stand out. Along with having unique show furniture I wanted something that would fit the vibe of our brand and had to be easy to break down, be a work horse of an item and to be stout in order for it last for years to come. 

With all of the ideas fully thought upon, a quick sketch was made and checked over the materials on hand from other projects. Having a plethora of scrap wood and metal made the project run along with smoothly and all in all, only had to spend about $30 on an extra piece of steel and a few pieces of hook and wire as stabilizing attachments to tighten the rack down once assembled. 

Tack welding in sections to insure a proper fit and easy tear down
Adding sand to the bases before welding on end caps for extra weight
An old grill is the perfect light fabrication table
Checking to see how many straps we can add to each steel rod
Checking our spacing on the rack with varying strap styles
Using reclaimed wood and scrap steel we created our easy to break down and portable guitar strap and belt rack