Thursday, June 11, 2015

Join Us In Philadelphia On September 26th 2015 For The Freedom Road, An 8 Band Blowout And Motorcycle Run

Join Us In Philadelphia On September 26th 2015 For The Freedom Road, Band Blowout And Motorcycle Run
So you are here because you want more info on what exactly is Freedom Road? Well dear friends, this is an action packed weekend on September 26th that has two adventures or they can be combined into one. For all the two wheeled brethren in the Mid Atlantic, Freedom Road is a bike run from Ocean View in the Norfolk, Virginia area to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that will cut straight up highway 13 through the eastern shore of Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. The bike run is 300 miles of highway, back country roads and coastal riding that will leave a smile for miles.

The second portion of Freedom Road is a killer eight band blowout at the Compound within inner city Philadelphia consisting of Antiseen, Husky Burnette, Jay Berndt & The Orphans, Flat Tires, Damned Angels, Gallows Bound, Jimmy Swope and Paul Waggener. Luckily for us the event is on private property with plenty of places to camp or sleep in your vehicle because once the torch is lit, its going to be quite hard to distinguish and will surely go well into Sunday morning.

Being this event is DIY and brought to you by Mike Fiedler of the Shore Road Tavern, Bill Dorsey who owns the Compound and all of us at Rusty Knuckles Music, we ask yall to not sit on the sidelines. If you want to roll to the event, to please buy a ticket in advance. This will help us out tremendously, so we know exactly how many food vendors to be on site, the amount of booze to have on location, beer sponsors and of course, which Philadelphia city officials to pay off so if anything gets set on fire, we have our get out of jail free passes ready to roll. Click the below link to get your ticket. They are $25 for the event and it's also indoors so weather is not an issue.

Need more info or want to be a part of the event - ralph.knuckles at gmail

Buy your ticket now

Bike Run Portion of Freedom Road

The bike run is free to anyone to participate and leaves promptly out of Ocean View, VA at 9 am. The rules are simple, show up and run what ya brung. If your period correct chopper has an eighty mile tank, choose your riding partners and ride accordingly. There will be a wide variety of bikes and riding styles and for the most part it will be easy for everyone to stick together as the eastern shore is mostly only a north / south route until you hit the Maryland state line. Once we cross into Maryland, we will then start to trek some back roads over to Ocean City to stop in for lunch at the Backshore Brewery on 10th Street and the Boardwalk. Once everyone is revitalized, its time to head north again and onto The Compound in Philadelphia.

Link to Map of Freedom Ride

Once we leave to head north, this is where the bikes will tend to start to get a bit split up. We are going to have a few road captains as heading to the event location within inner city Philly, can be a maze of streets and the Compound is rather hidden amongst the urban blight. Ride tight and fast and there won't be any issues, so choose your riding group well if you are new to the crew.

There are a few tolls on the way north and first one is the 17 mile long portion of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. It's a marvel of engineering and quite the spectacle so don't let the $13 feel as if you getting robbed. There are also a few in Delaware such as around Dover, for a buck or two and then across the C & D Canal bridge. All in all, just expect to spend around $18 to $20 in tolls.

Many of us are rolling into Norfolk that Friday night the 25th and will be staying at the Best Western Plus Inn at 1338 E. Ocean View Ave, Norfolk, VA. Right close up the road will be our watering hole called Mojo Bones.

Bands Playing The Freedom Road Live Event

Join Us In Philadelphia On September 26th 2015 For The Freedom Road, An 8 Band Blowout And Motorcycle Run