Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How To Create A Unique And Custom Belt Buckle

How To Create A Unique And Custom Belt Buckle
Making anything from scratch requires a lot of preparation and an immense amount of research. A good while back, we got the itch to start creating our own line of belt buckles. After purchasing a really cool heavyweight bronze buckle from a street vendor in Seattle, I was looking at the design and kept thinking I can do this. That simple notion, sent me on a vast research quest reading upon lost wax casting, sand casting, metal etching and also machining metals in a variety of ways.

After looking at budgets and formulating a plan of attack, we eventually built our own kiln to which we can do the metal casting and have a backyard foundry. In the process though, we also went right back to a very old technique that I learned quite a bit about in some printmaking classes back in college of acid etching aluminum plant. In this plan of attack, once our process is perfected, we could have several options for our buckles, from the lightweight aluminum etched buckles to the heavyweight cast ones.

Needless to say, creating the buckles is a labor intensive process, but that is the fun part. It is a methodical process and one in which you can crank up the tunes and let the ideas roll.

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American Roots belt buckle

Cerberus the Three Headed Dog, etched onto an aluminum buckle
Honky Tonk belt buckle
Harley Davidson Knucklehead engine
Support Real Country Music custom belt buckle
Each buckle has a unique etch and quality to it
Black Eyed Vermillion
Hellbound Glory belt buckle
Husky Burnette belt buckle