Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Superb Motorcycle Sketches Of Hafidz Musa

"Keep it low" - pen on paper - Hafidz Musa

Instagram never fails to be chock full of good ideas and great pages to follow. Do yourself a favor and check out the incredible line work of Hafidz Musa and his great illustration style. Seeing his work makes you realize that maybe a sketch is a bit more than some scribbly lines with dashes of black in. His work interjects the viewer directly into the image and makes you feel as if something is about to come to life.

Commission for Rough Crafts - Hafidz Musa

Illustrations for Tank Moto

"High Speed Dirt" - Hafidz Musa

Iron & Air "Here We Go" - Hafidz Musa

"55" pen on paper - Hafidz Musa

"Seated Girl On Bike" - pen on paper, Hafidz Musa

"Half II" sketchbook illustration