Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Spotify Is Stomping Beats Music, But For How Long And Will The Freemium Models For Streaming Music Be The Future?

Reading a plethora of articles around the ever changing and evolving landscape of the music industry, is a constant reminder to us that in this industry, it's all about adapt or die. If you think you are going to be making a living off selling cds and hitting the road, you should just stay at home, save the gas money and the frustration. Instead focus on the big picture about cultivating your audience and perfecting your craft to the utmost. Fans will find your music through all the channels available and if they are listening in droves, it is time to start a plan of action.

Music is supposed to be about the artistry and the vibe behind an aura in which bands and fans can unite together. We all want to experience this poetry in motion, but bands need to really think through business plan and to think about the big picture as well. If more fans are truly paying attention to Spotify and streaming those services, then blowtards like Jimmy Iovine prove once again that they are out of touch with what is current. The days of the rockstar is over and now it is about niche music genres that appeal to die hard fans, not the masses. In turn, bands that are looking to grow their audiences need to focus on all aspects of growing their fan base with whatever tools necessary to build their audience and much of that is going to be through social media.

Spotify is stomping Beats Music in streaming customers, image from

Give a listen and a read through to some of these articles and form an opinion. If you are in a band and want to succeed, it's now time to cut through to what matters most. Don't complain about how hard it is to make a living or that it ain't like it used to be. Adapt or die off, but really pay attention to what the bigger power players are doing as it will all trickle down like water seeking its lowest source.

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