Monday, October 19, 2015

Custom Belt Buckles Rolling Out From Rusty Knuckles

Rusty Knuckles custom belt buckle shapes ready for new designs

Cranking out new custom merchandise from week to week can be quite tough. It might be a line of guitar straps one week and next it could be merch associated with a brand new album about to launch as part our music label. Either way, we are neck deep here in the shop in a wide variety of projects. Keeping that diversity is what we enjoy the most and one in which keeps us constantly busy. 

Get in touch with us about custom gear for your band - ralph.knuckles at gmail

New custom belt buckle for underground metal titans Buzzoven
We just had to make a Pabst Blue Ribbon buckle to match our beer consumption
Proud Working Class one off belt buckle for a customer

Custom line of Belt Buckles for the Westport Saloon in Kansas City, MO
Golf Club belt buckles for a client of ours

Custom guitar strap and belt heading out for band from The Seduction, killer rock n' roll band

Over sized bass strap heading out for Scooter