Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Who's Roger Daltrey: 'There's No Music Industry Anymore. Why Would We Make an Album?'

 Fans waiting for a new Who album, prepare to be disappointed…

In a new interview, frontman Roger Daltrey has stated that he and Pete Townshend have discussed making a new record, but the current state of the music industry makes it unlikely that they'll ever work on the project. Speaking with Rolling Stone (via Team Rock), the singer stated:

"We've talked about it, but it's not going to be easy. There's no record industry anymore. Why would I make a record?
"I would have to pay to make a record. There's no royalties so I can't see that ever happening. There's no record business. How do you get the money to make the records? I don't know.

"I'm certainly not going to pay money to give my music away free. I can't afford to do that. I've got other things I could waste the money on."

Asked what was to blame for the state of the music industry, the singer went on to note:

"Well, it's been stolen. The way the internet has come about has been the biggest robbery in history, like musicians should work for nothing.

"You get paid for streaming, my ass. There's no control. Musicians are getting robbed every day. And now it's creeping into film and television, everything now.

"You notice, the internet is a slowly but surely destructive thing in all ways. I don't think it's improved people's lives. It's just made them do more work and feel like they're wanted a bit more, but it's all bollocks.

"They feel like they're wanted because they got 50,000 Facebook likes or whatever, and it's all bollocks. Look up for a while. Live in the real world."

The Who released their last album, "Endless Wire," in 2006.

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