Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Honda cb650 build

here is the sketch I have been working on for my ideas on the rebuild. Picked up a "sorta" running 79 Honda cb650 for a couple hundred bucks and bound and determined to make it into a cool cafe racer chopper of sorts. I dig the original lines but now I want to tighten them up a bit. Have been rewelding the frame to make a lot of areas seamless in construction and will be polishing out the existing welds for a clean powdercoat with overpaint on that. Also working on milling down the tubes in the front end to lower the stance a bit, make it more aggressive in look. The big load of work though is tearing the engine down to the last nut and bolt and soda blasting all the cases to repaint and rebuild what has been sitting for years. Hopefully in the end I will get a great bike to run around town on that will have cost me overall about 2 grand and be fun as hell.