Friday, March 25, 2011

ANTiSEEN's Sweet Blood Call Is Almost Here

We need to apologize and give an update as to why the new Antiseen 7" - Sweet Blood Call, featuring Joe Buck on Black Eyed Susie is running two weeks late. Got word from the folks over at the manufacturing plant we are using to press the vinyl and they have had a major hiccup due to SXSW. 

I know that everyone is ready for this to be in their hands and spinning with a fury on the record player but folks this one was out of our hands and we apologize. But in the spirit of turning lemonade into moonshine, we got them to print us a special edition of 50 which are on red vinyl. These are for the pre-order customers as they so gladly bought in advance and we cannot thank you enough. Each of the red vinyl are signed and numbered. The rest of the albums will be on blue vinyl.
Order them now, in the ANTiSEEN store before all are sold out and gone for good