Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chico From Hellbound Glory = Best Country Drummer

There is a great write up over on SavingCountryMusic.com about some of the shows Triggerman got out to during SXSW. We were stoked to finally meet up with those folks as they continue to give Hellbound Glory a much needed press outlet. Hey fellas, can ya give a review of the Jay Berndt cd, Sad Bastard Songs? 

Best part about the entire write up though is an amazing paragraph from Triggerman: "Then it was on to the madness of downtown and Hellbound Glory at the Rusty Knuckles showcase. Hellbound was as spectacular as I could expect. Excellent energy, amazing songs, and they played a lot of new ones as well (video coming). I can’t emphasize enough that Hellbound Glory deserves top billing. They should be huge. Leroy Virgil is a genius country songwriter, and Chico is the best full-on drummer in country music right now."

We couldn't say it any better and damn proud of how the entire showcase turned out.
Read the full article over on SavingCountryMusic.com