Wednesday, March 23, 2011

GG Allin & Antiseen Are Taking Over Best Buy

GG Allin & Antiseen are taking over Best Buy? Or should we say, that GG Allin & ANTiSEEN got Best Buy's attention as they need to sell the picture disc to beef up their punk rock vinyl presence and street cred as a retailer. In a time when music is just about free, due to it being downloadable from all sorts of random sites, having our entire catalog slowly being picked up by Best Buy is killer. With more and more independent music stores being shuttered and most music sales heading towards live shows and online sales exclusively, we are stoked to have our releases more widely available in such a manner.

But hey, you can still always get those releases directly from us in our store. Click the artist drop down menu in the top right corner and click on Antiseen. How easy was that?