Monday, March 28, 2011

Motorcycle Shock Lamps

Really stoked to see ideas put to use that are damn near perfect in design and are part of our motor head mindset. These really cool lamps from would look bitchin' on our 70's style metal desk and be just the right amount of light needed. They have some great ideas cookin' over on their set so give it a look. Here is a description about the lamps:

"Retired components from up to three different vintage motorcycles make up these handsome, sturdy creations. The lamps are constructed using a spring, shock absorber, brake rotor and transmission gear — all welded together to add a bit of quirky moto flair to any room.

They average around 18 inches tall with a base measuring between 11 and 12 inches across.

Each lamp is handmade using available parts, so yours will differ somewhat from the photo. Scratches, dings and other imperfections are present on all the lamps due to the nature of recycled components. I love the story they tell, but I'm happy to answer questions before you order and snap pics before shipping to make sure you love it."