Monday, February 20, 2012

1977 Harley Davidson Flat Track Racer And Mert Lawwill, On Any Given Sunday

In the back of our minds we have dreamt of racing a circle track bike through city streets and sliding that 200lb beast around as if it were nothing. Have we done it, well not quite yet. Tried often on the Buell, but she is a bit heavier and tougher to throw around on those hair pin turns. Needless to say, every time we see a killer Street Tracker style bike the blood gets to racing speed and we feel like a twelve year old with excitement. This street tracker exemplifies our nefarious plans, so check it out.

Street Tracker in the style of Mert Lawwill
1977 Harley Davidson Flat Track Racer
1977 Harley Davidson Flat Track Racer
1977 Harley Davidson Flat Track Racer, right view
1977 Harley Davidson Flat Track Racer, top of engine view
1977 Harley Davidson Flat Track Racer, left side
1977 Harley Davidson Flat Track Racer, right foot peg and rear master cylinder
1977 Harley Davidson Flat Track Racer, from the AMF years
1977 Harley Davidson Flat Track Racer, front wheel

Mert's career included 17 National championship wins from TT events to the big daddy of them all, "The Mile" However Mert is probably most well known today for his role in the iconic movie "On Any Sunday" that was on the silver screen back in 1970. If you have not seen this film do yourself a favor and rent it or better yet pick up your own copy as more than likely you will watch it more than once!

Be sure to check out the-photos-button for a trip down memory lane. See some old photos from the early 60's when was starting out all the way through his carrer when he retired from racing in 1977. In addition to his racing career, Mert ran successful teams that have included such legendary riders as Wayne Rainey, Kenny Roberts, Steve Morehead, Ricky Graham, Mike Kidd, Garth Brow, Jimmy Felice just to name a few.

With years of experience working and designing motorcycle chasis Mert took this knowledge and developed a revolutionary bicycle rear suspension system that took the bicycle industry by storm. Mert had such a impact in the bicycle world that he was eventually inducted into the Mountainbike Hall of Fame. Mert is the only person to be in both the Mountainbike and Motorcycle Hall of Fames.

Even if your not a bicycle fan we encourage you to take a lap through the "Bicycle" Design" section of the site and see what eventually became the patented suspension system used on the Lawwill Street Tracker.

In additon to Mert's histroy with design suspension systems and chasis his latest invention is a prosthetic device that enables amputees to get back in the saddle again. Designed and developed with the late Chris Drayer of 60's dirt track fame Mert has come up with an extremly innovative prosthetic device that bolts onto any motorcycle, bicycle or anything with handlebars. Mert's latest project is developing a shock for the prosthetic hand that will enable the user to better handle violent impacts thus making the device more comfortable. There is also a prosthetic elbow in the works for above elbow amputees.

Mert is still producing a very limited number of Street Trackers like what you see here on the site. Contact Mert direct to see what it takes to get one of your own.