Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Journey - Circa 197? - Qball's Biker Photography from Living The Life

“Journey” circa 197? from “Living The Life”, biker photography book.

It’s been said “It aint the destination, but the journey”. When it came to my old club “Dirt That Moves MC” it got even more involved than that. We couldn’t even keep it together at a cross road. Some would go right, some left, some straight ahead, while others did a 180. A couple of hundred miles could take all day and into the night. A trip to Daytona Bike Week took nine days. We had break downs within 50 miles of home, flat tires, bar stops, stripped gears, beer runs, fried wires, piss stops, more beer runs, side trips to visit old friends, broken chains, beer runs, piss stops, well you get the picture. Damn, I nearly forgot the best part, fights. It was said the only way to get us from stop fighting each other was to have an outsider step in, and get pounded. We fought over women, beer, bikes, or just being bored. We would party all night long, fall down in the dirt, get up the next morning with wicked hangovers and attitudes to match, then ride off in the wrong direction. Damn, I love my brothers and miss those aimless times.

Long May You Ride, Q-Ball

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Qball aka Doug Barber with "Journey" circa 197? From "Living The Life" biker photography book