Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Need Heat? Add Wooden Stove To Your Ride

As we are having quite the mild winter here in the lower 48, the folks over in Europe are experiencing a deep freeze that even Germany's economy cannot pull the other nations out of. An enterprising Swiss back yard engineer decided to fight off the cold the old fashion way by adding an inferno to the inside of his Volvo. We have to congratulate him on his cajones and the smart decision to pipe the fumes out of the roof.

Mr. Prokop lives in the town of Mettmenstetten, 25 km south of Zurich. Apparently the Swiss Technical Inspection Authority had no problem with a car that had a fireplace instead of a passenger seat.   REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann
Pascal Prokop, a Swiss man, has built a wood-burning stove in his car to combat the severe cold hitting Europe. REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann
Old paint sticks or kindling to start the fire all work in this Volvo.    REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann
Mr. Prokop obtained an operating permit for his stove-car from the Swiss Technical Inspection Authority, making it perfectly legal to operate.   REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann
Since traditional car heaters are proving ineffective in the bitter cold in Europe, Pascal Prokop has thumbed his nose at the weather and built a wood-burning stove in his car.    REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann