Tuesday, November 12, 2013

And The Winner Of The Custom Knife Is...

J.B. Beverley is poised to release Stripped To The Root with a custom knife give away
Folks, it's been a long time in the making and definitely well worth the wait. J.B. Beverley's brand new collection of songs that were recorded over the period of a couple of years, is now ready to be unleashed. The album will be available world wide through our vast distribution network on November 12th hitting six continents.

Yes, it was said that in quite a few media outlets the album was going to be released on September 24th, but we opted to push it back one month. J.B. wanted to make a few extra edits and add a secret bonus track to fully complete the collection of songs that make up "Stripped To The Root." Once you hear this menagerie of songs, you will start to understand why just a bit more time was needed to corral all the pieces together.

Huge thanks to Kitty Barks for knocking out the new cover art illustration over a weekend. It is some fantastic line work in the graphite she put on archival paper. After we got that scanned in and ready to roll, I cranked out all the lettering and got the album layed out in photoshop and added some washed out color and more line work.

With the added time frame, we could also up the ante on an awesome giveaway prize, that is truly fitting to the album. I proposed the idea to JB about making some custom railroad spike knives for the time that he spent hopping trains. Needless to say, the thumbs up was given. Now it was my task to do what I had had never done before. Building a forge from scratch took some research and a month of chasing down Craigslist leads to find an old anvil within our budget. Finding the right tools for blacksmithing set us down a new road of wrenching out ideas and now we can fully appreciate the many thousands of years that iron ore and heat have been shaping the world we live in.

Putting all the elements together is one thing, but making it work and being able to get tooled steel up to a melting temperature was a great lesson in patience. Breaking new ground with a DIY budget and letting our ideas blaze our trail is the kind of fun we enjoy. There will be quite a bit more video posted on the process of these knives coming together, but for now check out the screen shots.

November 12th will be a great day as the album will be shipping out for all pre-orders and hitting digital media outlets. We will also be giving away the custom knife in a drawing on that day and here is how it works. For anyone that purchases the brand new album from J.B. Beverley - Stripped To The Root, your name and order number will then be placed into a jar for the chance to win the custom knife. The only way to win the knife is to pre-purchase the cd from Rusty Knuckles Music. Sorry, we know that early versions of this album were to come out on another label, but that does not qualify, as we had nothing to do with the previous project.

Order your copy of Stripped To The Root on cd

Album packaging for J.B. Beverley's - Stripped To The Root
Album packaging for J.B. Beverley's - Stripped To The Root
Full album art for the poster that will be part of the pre-sale

Check out some of the process photos of the railroad spike knives coming together:

Custom railroad spike knife and sheath for a giveaway with purchase of "Stripped To The Root"
Checking the temperature of the forge, yep we are there
Railroad spikes lined up and ready for the oven
Luckily we had some some prison colony labor for the forge with the Aussie Posse
A hot forge required some cold refreshing beer
Sean thoroughly enjoyed being in harms way
Pounding out the hot steel into custom knives
Pulling a railroad spike out of the forge, created from cinder blocks bought from Lowes with scrap steel
Knives are cooled off and ready for first round of shaping
Putting together custom leather sheath for the knife giveaway
Several of the knives are prepped and ready to roll, just need final sharpening