Saturday, November 2, 2013

Need A Bench Bench Grinder On Steroids?

Delta 1/2 horsepower bench grinder secured from craigslist for $40
Having just the right tool for the job is a common issue when creating just about anything. One can never have enough tools. Yes, dear friends this is a personal dilemma and one of the reasons that I pinch pennies and created my personal "tool of the month" incentive plan. 

My general plan is that if I can pinch a few pennies here, save a few bucks there, then I allow myself a new tool per month, that is saved up for, with that "profit" created in the margins.. It doesn't have to be anything overly expensive, but just a fun way to plot out something cool to add to the shop and to stay within a working budget.

One tool that I have been eyeing up for well over a year now is a grinder attachment I found over on Trick Tools. Your basic bench grinder is a catch all type of item, but generally lacks in the versatility department. Sure you can add on a wire wheel, buffer wheel and then you basically run out of options. With a bit of research though, I found a way to create a multi purpose tool that has plenty of muscle and can now function in a brand new way. 

Finally, I now have a bench grinder that doubles as a belt sander and uses a multitude of belts to achieve any finish I am after. There are scotch brite belts, polishing belts and coarse sanding belts going up from the 40 grit to the 1200 grit range. Variety is the spice of life and this is why the Multitool attachment is the shit! 

The attachment is not cheap, but then again, Harbor Freight crap isn't meant to last. While assembling the new attachment last night, its clear to see that the Aussies who manufacture this item wanted to create a high quality tool and one that will be around for a long time to come. Once again, we have learned that Australia is truly an amazing place!

1/2 horsepower bench grinder, now featuring the Multitool belt sander, works like a charm